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It is recommended that your ducts be cleaned every two or three years to ensure the system is working properly

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Air Duct Cleaning of Houston did an amazing job cleaning my home, I had mold on my vents and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of their work, their professionalism, and their clean-up.

Catalina Tobin

Richmond, TX

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12555 Richmond Ave
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(832) 626-5507

Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm


Keeping air ducts clean is one of the most important strategies to guarantee that your heating and cooling system is always in excellent working order. Among the most often asked questions we receive is about the cost of expert duct cleaning.

The overall job’s cost is determined by a number of variables, but you’ll be happy to learn that it’s not as much as you would have first assumed. Air duct cleaning costs how much? This page will address all of that and more.

Not like our competitors, we always do an inspection before quoting. Choosing different businesses can provide you with the following problems:

  • Maybe not using the proper equipment to clean air ducts.
  • pointing up nonexistent ductwork problems.
  • Giving poor cleaning services that do nothing.

Every home is different, hence the total cost of cleaning the ducting varies. A estimate is usually determined by a cleaning professional inspecting your premises. A quotation follows completion of a thorough inspection.

Particulars included in the quotation include:

  • Price of the project.
  • The actions that must be taken.
  • Duration of work needed to finish it.

Factors influencing Air Duct Cleaning Houston Prices

  1. Many ducts – Generally speaking, cleaning ducts costs more the more of them there are in a home. This is so because a real ductwork cleaning service will make sure that each and every duct is well cleaned.
  2. House size – The cost of duct cleaning might go up with house size. This is thus because, generally speaking, ductwork would be more expansive the larger the house. Multi-story homes will also cost extra to clean the ducts because they are typically harder to reach.
  3. Degree of duct pollution – Should your ducts be really filthy, you should budget more for cleaning services. It can take years of abuse and neglect to completely remove a substantial accumulation of dust and filth. If there is mold growth or an infestation by animals or insects, things might get even more costly.
  4. On Required labor hours in number – Generally speaking, duct cleaning is done by the hour. The company providing the services will determine the prices. The project will cost more overall the more hours, workers, and equipment are needed to finish the cleaning.

It need not be an expensive procedure to get your air ducts cleaned. You can receive reliable duct cleaning in Texas here at Air Duct Cleaning of Houston, and it won’t break the bank. Our pride is offering the best possible pricing for excellent Houston air duct cleaning services.

Call us at (832) 626-5507 right now. Our offices are Keeping air ducts clean is one of the most important strategies to guarantee that your heating and cooling system is always in excellent working order. Among the most often asked questions we receive is about the cost of expert duct cleaning.

A home should have its air ducts cleaned every three to five years, advises the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. For all, this is a sensible general guideline. That also relies on your location and how frequently your heating system runs, though!

Mildew and mold are symptoms of neglected air ducts. If you have these buildups, they will only become worse with time as they proliferate with more moisture to produce an offensive odor that, if ignored, could cause illness sooner rather than later.

Human and animal health are horribly affected by mold. It brings nasty poisons into our houses, irritating the skin and respiratory systems.

Certainly not. When professionals with expertise in this kind of work clean your air ducts, as they will if you choose a reputable Houston air duct cleaning business like Air Duct Cleaning of Houston, your house will look brand new when we are done!

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Air Ducting Cleaning of Houston

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